Learning Wings believes in quality, affordable and holistic education. We believe that it is our responsibility and duty as educators to live up to the best standards, and to go beyond. We believe that a good education can impact lives and open doors to dreams and things unimaginable. We believe that children are our future and providing them a good education is our obligation. We try our best to provide equal opportunities to as many children as we can. This is what drives Learning Wings. The mission of Learning Wings Education Systems is to nurture the development of responsible, thoughtful citizens for life in an increasingly interdependent global society by creating environments in which students are challenged to explore, to create and to make decisions.

1. Quality Education

Learning Wings imparts meaningful and relevant education built upon 30 years of teaching & learning experience. Learning Wings has been consistently recognised as a leader in innovative and creative educational practices. Learning Wings has been awarded for best learning-teaching practices, including "Inclusive Education". Awards include Quality Pre school by Early Childhood Association (ECA). Learning Wings works together with University of Cambridge, Early Childhood Association, Teachers Education Colleges and many more.

2. Nurture Socially Aware Children

Learning Wings believes that our children are our future, and we teach them to be responsible socially while they are young. Learning Wings students regularly participate in social outreach programs. Learning Wings has played an integral part in programs such as Goonj, Satsang Vidyalaya, Walk of Hope and Manav Ekta Mission.

3. Empower Teachers

Learning Wings continuously undertakes teachers' professional development. Teachers are encouraged to develop creative teaching methodologies, innovative assessment methods, in-depth performance evaluations, sensitivities for deep-connect with learners and action research. Learning Wings extends autonomy to teachers to experiment and innovate. Learning Wings earmarks 10 percent of all its resources for teachers training and empowerment. Learning Wings also contributes to the fulfillment of personal goals of its teachers through a dedicated support system.

4. Enable Better Lives

Learning Wings believes that education opens doors to dreams and things unimaginable. Learning Wings students do very well when they leave school. University destinations include University of California (UCLA, UCSD), New York University (NYU), London School of Economics (LSE) among many others. All schools have Career Counselling services.

5. Support Those In Need

Learning Wings has award winning special outreach and scholarship programs that reach out to those in need. We believe in equal opportunity for everyone, and do our best to provide a good education to as many as we can. Learning Wings not only supports students financially but also devises personalized learning plans for those who are challenged in other ways. Learning Wings has award winning special needs programmes that aim to improve - through inclusion, education and advocacy - the quality of life of differently abled children.

6. Standards Compliant Education

Learning Wings has partnered with leading national and international accreditation boards. Learning Wings schools and teachers training centres are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), Cambridge International Exam (CIE), International Baccalaureate (IB), University of Cambridge Language Assessment, and more.

7. Improve Educational Experience

Learning Wings has been an early adopter of novel and unconventional tools time and again, like Scratch from MIT Labs. These innovative practices have enabled transformative and enriching experiences for learners. These tools have created an effective environment for participatory teaching and learning. Learning Wings has simplified the teaching-learning process by using best-in-class technologies. Learning Wings is also involved in the research and development of next generation integrated learning systems and new teaching methodologies.

8. Holistic Education

Learning Wings believes in all-round development of individuals. We focus on academics, but on the ‘non-essentials’ too. For us all expressions of life are valid and essential. Learning Wings students have daily 10 minute meditation sessions, yoga classes. Students, who leave Learning Wings, leave equipped to face and deal with the challenges of life.