Core values

Rooted in traditions, looking ever onwards

At Cambridge International Schools, the goal is to nurture the dreams of tender hearts. Every child is equipped with the confidence to pursue the dreams and realize them. In this world of turmoil and unrest they learn to pave their own path to success.

Academic excellence

Our challenging, broad-based academic program, which promotes critical thinking and creativity, prepares students for success in university and in life.

Continuously onward

We foster ethical and spiritual growth in a community founded upon integrity, mutual respect, environmental stewardship and service to others. Athletics, the arts, outdoor education and community service lead to the development of healthy, self-confident individuals by encouraging students to participate, to strive for excellence, and to develop strong leadership skills.

Global citizenship

With international teaching standards and holistic development we prepare our students for global exposure.

Individual integrity

Without individual integrity no leader can succeed. Here, in Learning Wings Education System, we believe that at the individual level integrity more than ethics, it's more about the character. It is those characteristics of an individual that are consistently considerate, compassionate, transparent, honest, and ethical. Our students are reliable, the one we can count on to do consistently what is right, and they are defenders of what is fair, just and acceptable.

Committed to serve

We promote a peaceful, caring and safe community through selfless service. All Cambridge Schools are committed for service to community.