Why us?


Cambridge teachers are competent as they are well equipped with the latest techniques and methods of teaching learning process. They take up the challenging tasks inside and outside the classroom and help the students to gain confidence and overcome the obstacles in their learning process. The communal hard work of the teachers acts as a driving force by which the goals and objectives of teaching learning process is achieved.

Modern Classrooms

Cambridges' Modern Classroom is a productive environment in which students can develop the skills they will require in the workplace and teachers are facilitators of their learning. The focus of these classrooms is on students, experiencing the environment, they will enter as modern day workers and developing their higher order thinking skills, effective communication skills, collaboration skills, making them adapt with using technology and all other skills in their day to day life.

Innovative Pedagogy

Cambridge believes in providing education in real sense. It is a temple of learning, where students are taught how to think and not what to think. Its interactive teaching - learning pedagogy has drawn appreciation from all quarters. Uniqueness of Cambridge lies in providing wholesome education to the students. It is an institution, where paramount importance is given to weaving life skills like self awareness, critical thinking, creative thinking, coping with stress, empathy, decision making, problem solving and effective communication in the curriculum. A challenging platform is provided to the students, so that they are able to explore themselves and prove themselves true to the motto of the school, that is, Dream, Dare and Do. We, at Cambridge, value their creative expression and encourage their unique abilities.

Special Educational Needs

Cambridge Special Needs Program aims to improve through inclusion, education and advocacy, the quality of life of differently abled children. Learning Wings is an international community of professionals committed to meeting the diverse needs of children and creating opportunities for students with special educational needs in the mainstream. Our program’s vision is to reach out to all learners and enable them to receive meaningful and equitable access to the curriculum. It is our goal that each student, receive the necessary resources, guidance, accommodations, and differentiation to attain their highest level of personal success. We value collaboration and shared responsibility with students, parents and community partners to create a culture of inclusivity, compassion and respect for individual differences.