Teachers Education

Learning Wings endorses and believes in giving wings to its teachers to soar high and makes sure that the wings are strengthened from time to time by providing them with professional development so that the Cambridge Team stands apart from rest of the schools in the region.

Briefly, this journey is never ending and Learning Wings puts its earnest efforts to upgrade skills of its teachers. So far, Learning Wings has trained approximately 900 teachers across all Cambridge Schools. Most of the teachers are working with Learning Wings where they are given opportunities to grow professionally and pursue with their passion.

The ones who had to leave the organization for any reason, are very well placed with other schools where they are acknowledged due to their experience and trainings they had attended with Cambridge. What makes this all worthwhile is when these teachers come back to join Cambridge as the warmth and ambience pull them back.

  • Annually, Learning Wings organizes 3 days’ workshops in Jalandhar Schools, for all the teachers across all Learning Wings Schools where top leaders and subject experts are invited to conduct workshops to develop and enhance various skills among teachers.
  • Continuous professional development opportunities are available for faculty at Cambridge Schools as per the guidance and course material designed by international bodies like Cambridge University UK, Newman University, Wolverhampton University, Early childhood Association. The senior leaders from these institutions conduct training workshops for our teachers from time to time.
  • In-house workshops by subject experts are also conducted on a regular basis.
  • Cascading of learning is done by the coordinators, heads of department or teachers, whosoever attends any workshop, be it general or subject specific, for the rest of the staff to learn from their experiences.
  • Regular identified trainings and workshops are conducted by the subject heads during Wednesday stay backs.
  • Learning Wings team visits its schools in various cities to conduct workshops requested by individual schools in their identified areas.