committed to service


Learning Wings Schools are committed to community service. The schools are a center of dedicated action for the good of people. We work together with many great organisations to improve the life conditions of people. We also have many unique programs of which our school students and teachers are an integral part.


Walk of Hope 2015-16

Walk of Hope was a padayatra for peace and harmony by the Manav Ekta Mission which covered 7500 kms from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Led by Sri M, founder of Manav Ekta Mission, the journey spanned 16 months through 11 Indian states, bringing together citizens from all walks of life. Traversing the varied landscape of India, it sought a significantly restored nation—fit enough to be bequeathed to our future generations.

The Walk of Hope was flagged off on 12 January 2015, the birth anniversary of a great prophet of interfaith harmony, Swami Vivekananda. Starting from the Gandhi Memorial Mandapam in Kanyakumari, it concluded in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir on 29 April 2016, reaching out to 10 million fellow Indians during the Walk.
Learning Wings was involved intimately with this initiative, and it's team persons were in the national co-ordinating team.


Satsang Vidyalaya

Satsang Vidyalaya is an educational initiative for under-privileged children. Begun in 1999, Satsang Vidyalaya comprises of two schools and over 200 students. The schools offer completely free education to children from the age of 6 up to the ages of 15. In addition to free schooling, Satsang Vidyalaya also provides a free mid-day lunch for all students.

Satsang Vidyalaya follows the state school syllabus as prescribed by the Andhra Pradesh board. The school has 15 teachers on its rolls across subjects such as Science, Mathematics, Social sciences, English, and Languages. There is a strong focus on infrastructure with multiple classrooms being built, advanced learning techniques, and teacher training with the intention of providing students free yet un-compromised education to help them progress in life. Learning Wings supports and works with Satsang Vidyalaya to make quality education for the under-privileged a possibility.



MyTree is inspired by the Sanskrit word – Maitri – meaning amity. Amity conforms to the concept of Manav Ekta (oneness of humanity) propounded by Sri M, which is being implemented through the various programs of the Mission. It is envisioned that by encouraging an individual/community-led partnership to plant trees, a natural human alliance will be formed to ensure a sustainable relationship with nature. This amity or Mytree (derived from Maitri) is the crux of the initiative.

Learning Wings' students regularly undertake MyTree drive in their respective localities, and have, till day planted over 50,000 saplings.


Deaf & Dumb School

Deaf & Dumb School is an initiative to provide quality education to impaired individuals with the goal of making them self-sufficient, independent and productive individuals of society.

Learning Wings students provide companionship and compassion to the learners with their disability with regular visits and build a bond to support in all possible areas.


Digital Tibet

Digital Tibet is an initiative by the Tibetan Community and other volunteers to preserve records of the Tibetan people. It's first project, "Tibet in Exile", is a photo journal about the life of Tibetans after they exiled. The photo journal will help the younger generation of Tibetans understand and appreciate the history and origins of the Exiled Tibetan Community, and illustrate to them - as well as non Tibetans around the world—the extraordinary achievements of the early refugee community.

This project is funded by National Geographic, and Dalai Lama has written the foreword of the book. Learning Wings has supported this initiative by providing technical assistance.



Goonj is a non-governmental organisation based in Delhi, India which undertakes disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development in parts of 21 states across India. It recycles discarded clothes and household goods into useful products for the poor, such as sanitary napkins. It collects and delivers 1,000 tons of material every year through a network of 500 volunteers and 250 partners. It also runs infrastructure and local development projects in villages and slum areas.

Learning Wings is a partner and students regularly participate in activities with the goal of procuring relief material for the under-privileged.


The Hudli Project

The Hudli Project is an initiative designed to create employment in Hudli village. It is supported by the Khadigram of Hudli Village. Poverty, deprivation and unemployment are resulting in people leaving Hudli and moving to towns in search of a better livelihood. The immediate goal of The Hudli Project is to create guaranteed employment for at least 100 women for an entire year (or longer) by creating demand for the pickles made by the Khadigram.

Learning Wings supports The Hudli Project by purchasing merchandise created by women of the village.