LWES Curriculum

The Cambridge International School Curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the pedagogic needs of the regions our schools are based in and connecting it to international standards. Our curriculum has been developed by carrying out ongoing small-scale research projects, pilot projects and action research.

We have tried to create a flexible curricular model that can be personalized to the needs of varied learners. Our curriculum not only covers academic areas but also covers the social, cultural issues and challenges that the 21st century poses for young people. Our students are free to choose from a range of curriculums.

Primary School Education

Age Group — 6-11 Years

Cambridge offers a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based for the young students to start the journey of education without burden or fear. Nurturing environment of opportunities helps in academic and co-scholastic develop curiosity unlimited, which ensures that students have fun, play and aim to achieve high.

Primary education consists of an year cycle: first to fifth classes. The primary curriculum aims to provide a broad learning experience and encourages a rich variety of approaches to teaching and learning that cater to the varied needs of individual children. The primary curriculum is designed to nurture the child in all dimensions of his or her life—spiritual, moral, cognitive, emotional, imaginative, aesthetic, social and physical.

Middle School Programme

The Middle School

During the middle school, the student’s intellectual, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth is intensified and extended. It is at this stage school parents play pivotal role in shaping students as confident and resilient individuals.

Interdisciplinary methods of teaching help to explore beyond limited learning, peer interactions and presentations help each student to be socially aware and active.

Setting a high standard facilitates the smooth transition from childhood to adolescence. Students are given confidence that they can succeed. They are made active partners by building respectful teacher-learner relationships that take learners’ viewpoint and experiences into account. Pastoral care is given equal value for creating the feeling of belonging for students to be independent thinkers.

Using assessment for learning to help learners assess their work, reflect on how they learn, and become active members of the process.

Clubs and Activities are carefully planned to balance the physical and mental growth.

The Secondary School

Stepping Into Life

Knowledge and skills gained during the Middle School years equip students with a firm foundation in the core subjects and develop strong learning skills to pursue a variety of educational streams in future.

Opportunities are provided to research, solve problems and make considered decisions so that over a period our students achieve self-reliance in learning and develop confidence and an understanding of the learning process.

Leadership is nurtured through various opportunities to lead, organise events for academic and social areas. At this stage, we believe, each student is to be nurtured to be brave, intelligent and resilient.

The Senior Seconday School

Gateway to a creative life

Study in this phase becomes more specialised and students become focussed on future career targets. Specialist teaching is emphasised with the options of choices from Humanities, Commerce, and Sciences. But these do not limit our students from dreaming, they are motivated to take up their passion.

Our school is well resourced with excellent caring staff, facilities, equipment and technology for their future to be as per their dreams.

Our commitment for future prepared students is not only an objective but a commitment to not let these valuable years be lost. Along with core subjects of sciences, commerce and humanities, we provide Liberal Arts possibilities with subjects like Psychology, Cosmetology, Food Technology, Fashion Technology, Information Technology, Legal studies.

Special care is taken to offer subjects that are contemporary and relevant for the future career. Diverse subject combinations are offered to make this crucial phase of schooling joyous and stress free.