Cambridge International School 

Parents are the guardian, caretaker, protector and guide of a child. Parenting is a great job and need utmost care and affection. The task of Parents is to develop the physical, mental, and emotional powers of the child, in a perfect balance. There are different approaches to parenting. What works for one parent may not work for another. Every parent will have his or her own unique approach when it comes to parenting. 

There was a time when there was a joint family system in our country. In that set-up, the responsibilities of parents were not so much prominent as it is today because now parents are solely responsible for the brought up of a child. It has created crises in our developing society. Parenting has become a mystery and people are trying to find out the ways of successful parenting. Today most of the educated parents remain worried about the future of their children & at times they become too strict. Parents need to recognize that it is normal to feel worried, confused, angry, guilty, overwhelmed and inadequate because of child's behavior. That is part of being a parent. It is futile and self-defeating to try to be perfect or to raise perfect children.

Parents must not compare their children with others. Even among children of the same age, there is a range of what is normal in the way they develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

 It has always been a concept that family is the first school for a child. A child begins to learn everything from his mother, father and the people who surround him. Parents make all their efforts to provide their child the best of learning in this period. The child imitates his parents. The values, morals, beliefs, manner, behavior that a child learns from his parents prove to be the real way of his life. Wordsworth has rightly said, “Child is the father of man’’. It means the habits, traits, virtues, nature-whatever the child adopts during his childhood is never missed in his grown-up life. Hence the making of a complete man begins under the close contact of a successful parenting.

The first step for a successful parenting depends upon their contact with a child. Parents should always watch over activities of the child. They should try to create healthy atmosphere in the family so that the child can learn to be compassionate and confident.

Parents in nuclear families seldom find time for their children. They think that money can solve the entire problem and it can make a child great. It’s true that money can bring happiness to their life. But the fact is that money can make life comfortable but not valuable. If a child loses contact with his parents, he will be distracted and will try to find comfort in TV, clubs, films, markets, etc. These are just perversions and not construction.

Hence parents need to regenerate themselves and once again they will have to learn the art of successful parenting. They will have to spare their valuable time for their child. They will have to be friendly with their child. Otherwise they are bound to suffer at the loss of the future of their child.